Fostering relationships to support growth, flexibility and resilience in food & fibre growers and their communities

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Here at Redefining Agriculture we’re engaging with all sectors and communities, working to support, challenge and redefine the way we – consumers, policy makers, farmers and communities – undertake, talk and think about agriculture in Australia.

We’re challenging paradigms and leveraging positive change, fostering growth, flexibility and resilience.

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We measure, to monitor, to manage towards profitability, productivity, resilience, flexibility and positive change.

We apply a sustainable, whole system approach using evidence based, objective assessment.

We focus on practical support for regenerative agricultural practice making  large scale grazing livestock enterprises resilient, profitable and sustainable. 


Who we are

Scale does not define success.

We work with all landholders to enhance knowledge and understanding of food security through small scale agriculture business support, mentoring and coaching.

Our services include pre purchase assessment, land capability assessment, whole farm planning and consultancy.

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We support all agricultural business to reach their full potential, through a focus on business strategy and human resources, using coaching techniques and a values based approach. We offer specialist, tailored business strategy packages to start up businesses involved in all aspects of food production and the value chain.

Understanding how and when to make the best decisions is a critical key to success in business. Working with a diverse range of businesses we focus clients to describe and then achieve what they seek most

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